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Automotive & Agricultural Equipment

The Automotive & Agricultural Equipment industries are continuously evolving as transportation and farming needs change. The team at Panitch Schwarze has deep knowledge of the automotive and agricultural industries, including the specific areas related to original equipment manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers, and aftermarket manufacturers, along with related wholesale, retail, and distribution services.

Manufacturers and suppliers continue to innovate to meet consumer demands related to fuel efficiency, durability, safety, and in-cabin electronics. From internal combustion engines to infotainment systems, the attorneys at Panitch Schwarze have decades of experience working on new inventions, branding, and other intellectual property issues that arise in this commercial space.

Levels of automation continue to increase within automotive and agricultural machinery. The Panitch Schwarze team has an impressive depth of experience with autonomous vehicle technology and the internet of things (IoT). This experience provides a useful collaborative partnership with engineers and marketing professionals working in these areas, particularly as automation moves beyond Level 2, into Levels 3 through 5.

A similar evolution is present with electric propulsion systems, fuel cells, and emerging “green” technologies. Again, the team at Panitch Schwarze is very experienced working on such technologies and their marketing. They can help protect new inventions as companies work to meet the ambitious goals of countries, states, and manufacturers to reduce emissions and increase EV range.

The team at Panitch Schwarze has deep knowledge of the Automotive & Agricultural Equipment industry, helping clients safeguard, monetize, and enforce their intellectual property. We are experienced in preparing patent and trademark applications within the Automotive & Agricultural Equipment industry, prosecuting them before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and securing granted patents and trademark registrations. Moreover, with our extensive network of foreign law firms, we assist in securing rights globally.

We manage complex international patent, trademark and copyright portfolios for our clients. For patents, we provide counsel on maintaining and extending patent protection, e.g., through obtaining Patent Term Extension (PTE) and Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) to compensate for delays in bringing a technology to market associated with any regulatory processes. We conduct freedom to operate, patentability, and due diligence analyses to assist our clients in making decisions on collaborations and research and development on new products. With regard to trademarks, we conduct clearance searches both domestically and internationally. We help clients navigate complex legal regimes for international protection, such as the Madrid Protocol. We assist with the negotiating and drafting of numerous types of agreements that are critical to the industry, including joint research agreements, co-existence agreements, and in- and out-licenses. We provide due diligence and chain of title assistance for mergers and acquisitions and we assist clients with challenges to the IP rights of others and the enforcement and defense of the valuable IP rights they have secured through contested proceedings at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, federal courts, and international tribunals. Thus, we integrate consideration of commercial, regulatory approval, industrial, and intellectual property legal factors in developing and implementing successful IP strategies to attain the goals of our clients.

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