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Ikenna C. Ejimonyeugwo specializes in patent law . His practice primarily focuses  on life sciences, pharmaceuticals, software, biotechnology, and engineering. With a perceptive, focused approach, he ensures that each client’s objective is understood and that every client is well-informed at each step of the procurement and litigation process.

Ikenna C. Ejimonyeugwo began his career as a life sciences researcher at the University of Maryland while attending undergraduate school. While working as a lab researcher in the Department of Biology, Ikenna developed an academic model that explored the integration of biology and business schemes in newly developed biotechnology inventions. After earning his B.S. in biology, Ikenna attended Delaware Law School as a State Merit Scholarship recipient, awarded to select individuals with strong academic records, demonstrated leadership, and a record of significant public service. Pursuing his interest in life sciences, patent law, and intellectual property, Ikenna served as a staff member of the Delaware Patent Pro Bono Program, where he assisted underfunded inventors in filing patents. He was also elected President of the Delaware Law School Intellectual Property Society.

, Ikenna passed the patent bar exam  and will prosecute patents before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He has worked on numerous patents including, cannabinoid compositions for use in treating diseases, pharmaceutical compositions, mechanical parts that improve the performance of rechargeable batteries in electrical vehicles, and blockchain and computer vision protection systems.



Ikenna has been recognized for his public service and volunteerism throughout his career. In addition to his work during law school supporting the Delaware Patent Pro Bono Program, Ikenna has served as a legal volunteer at the Dignity Rights Law Clinic in Delaware. At the clinic, he helped shape Delaware’s legal commitment to promoting the equal, inherent, and inalienable value of all human beings and contributed to the article by Erin Daly & Prisoners Legal Advocacy Network “Dignity in Criminal Legal System: A Practical Guide for Litigation, Advocacy, and Reform.”

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