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Licensing & Monetization

Procuring intellectual property assets is not the true end goal of an effective IP strategy, but rather the beginning.  The end goal of an effective IP strategy is the utilization of your IP assets to generate revenue or another competitive advantage for your business.  The team at Panitch Schwarze always approaches IP with this mindset, from the initial counseling phase, through procurement, and right into the licensing and monetization phase.

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets can all be leveraged to provide a competitive advantage to the IP holder and to generate new revenue streams for the IP holder.  Moreover, by combining multiple types of protection that cover a single product or process, a company can effectively increase the value of its licensing programs.  For instance, by protecting a product with a trademark or trade secret in addition to a patent, a company can create a licensing scheme that does not come to end when the patent coverage expires.  We assist clients in developing effective licensing strategies that maximize this competitive advantage and revenue stream.  Through that process, we consider not just the revenue that can be generated, but also numerous other practical and business considerations of managing such a licensing program in view of the needs and capabilities of that particular client and the practical realities of the industry in which the technology falls.  It is only through such broad consideration that a truly effective and efficient licensing program can be developed.

In addition to IP licenses, we assist clients with numerous other IP contractual matters related to the licensing and monetization of IP assets, including confidentiality agreements, joint development agreements, joint ownership agreements, settlement agreements, and many others.

Our team has the legal knowledge necessary to prepare such IP licenses and agreements, as well as the deep knowledge of the technologies and industries that we serve which is needed to make such agreements truly effective and tailored for our clients’ needs.

Let's Plan

Panitch Schwarze commits the time to listen to and evaluate each client’s unique needs so we can advise on the best forms of IP protection.