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Horticulture, Agriculture & Cannabis

The Horticulture, Agriculture & Cannabis industries are constantly striving to provide the world with high-quality plant material and plant-based goods. Innovation within these industries is critical to ensuring a stable supply of plant material throughout the world, whether that be for food, ornamental, or medicinal purposes. It is only through innovation in the Horticulture, Agriculture & Cannabis industries that we can ensure that these industries are able to deliver increased yield to meet increased demand, provide increased pest and disease resistance and control to meet new pest and disease pressures, and develop improved adaptability to environmental conditions to meet the demands of our ever-changing environment. The team at Panitch Schwarze has deep knowledge of the Horticulture, Agriculture & Cannabis industries, including the specific areas of:

  • Novel Plant Varieties (Sexually or Asexually Reproduced)
  • Transgenic Plants
  • New Breeding Techniques & Marker Assisted Selection
  • Plant Production, Preparation & Extraction Methods
  • Compositions & Formulations Derived from Plant Material
  • Agriculture/Horticulture Equipment & Consumables (such as planting/harvesting equipment, fertilizers and feed, pesticides and herbicides)

We have a strong understanding of the issues facing companies within the Horticulture, Agriculture & Cannabis industries and how that impacts their intellectual property goals and strategies. We help assist businesses in these industries develop effective strategies for safeguarding, monetizing, and enforcing their intellectual property, and then we take the necessary legal actions to put those strategies into action. We take the time to get to know our clients and their businesses, which allows us to determine what IP strategies to employ to help them reach their business goals, including decisions on what should be patented and trademarked and what should be maintained as trade secrets, as well as what type of licensing strategies to employ to best monetize their IP assets.

We assist clients in protecting both sexually and asexually reproduced novel plant varieties, as well as transgenic plants, both domestically and internationally, through plant and utility patents, PVP certificates, and PBR certificates. This includes protections for plants that are important food crops and fruits, ornamental plants, and hemp/cannabis plant varieties. We also assist in developing an appropriate brand strategy around those novel plant varieties, and in securing necessary trademark protections to effectuate that strategy. We also assist in developing an effective licensing strategy to meet the business goals of the company and can prepare and negotiate the licenses needed to put that strategy in place.

In addition to novel and transgenic plant varieties, we assist with IP counseling and securing, monetizing, defending, and enforcing IP protections in a wide variety of other areas within and around the Horticulture, Agriculture & Cannabis industries, including novel production, preparation, and extraction methods; novel compositions and formulations derived from plant material; and novel equipment and consumables utilized within these industries, such as planting/harvesting equipment, fertilizers and feed, pesticides, and herbicides.

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