Jeffrey W. Gluck, Ph.D.

Jeffrey W. Gluck, Ph.D.

Practice Areas
  • Georgetown University Law Center, J.D., Honors: Dean's List, 2003
  • University of Maryland, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, 1988
  • University of Massachusetts, M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1984
  • Princeton University, B.S.E., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 1982
Bar Admissions
  • District of Columbia, 2004
  • Maryland, 2003
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office, 1999
  • United States Court of Appeals – Federal Circuit, 2004
  • United States District Court – District of Maryland, 2004

Jeffrey W. Gluck, Ph.D. Partner

Philadelphia: 301.357.8390   F: 215.965.1331   E:

Jeffrey W. Gluck is a partner representing clients in a variety of areas including patent counseling and opinions, licensing and transactions, interferences, patent prosecution and reissue, and reexaminations. He also assists on trial litigation and has been a lead attorney in appellate litigation.

Jeffrey specializes in sophisticated electrical and computer-related technologies, but his practice includes other technologies, as well. His litigation-related activities include matters before both U.S. District Courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission, as well as before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Jeffrey brings a wealth of broad-based experience to his clients, having worked as an engineer and researcher (including management), as a university professor and as a patent examiner, in addition to his experience as a patent agent and patent attorney. While focusing mainly on multi-user, digital, wireless and satellite communications, he has also worked in the areas of signal processing and control systems. A large part of his research centered on spread-spectrum/CDMA systems, including applications to cellular systems, In connection with his work, he is familiar with numerous standards including IS-95, GSM, cdma2000, and 3GPP, including LTE.

Jeffrey is admitted in Maryland and Washington, D.C., but not admitted in Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania practice limited to Federal matters.

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  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • American Bar Association (ABA)
  • Federal Circuit Bar Association (FCBA)
  • American Intellectual Property Law Association  (AIPLA)
  • Committee on Standards and Open Source of the AIPLA
  • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle) (AIPPI)

Representative Matters

  • GuideTech, LLC v. Brilliant Instruments, Inc.

Articles & Presentations

Panitch Schwarze Partner Jeffrey W. Gluck Featured on Panel at AIPLA Annual Meeting // November 9, 2021
Panitch Schwarze partner Jeffrey W. Gluck, Ph.D. weighed in on the Google v Oracle US Supreme Court case at the AIPLA 2021 Annual Meeting. Read more

Panitch Schwarze Partner Joined Panel Analyzing Oracle v. Google at The AIPLA Annual Meeting
Panitch Schwarze partner Jeffrey W. Gluck, Ph.D presented at the 2021 AIPLA annual meeting on a panel titled Analyzing Oracle v. Google. Read more

The Supremacy Of Grammatical Principles In Patent Claim Interpretation: Superguide And Simo Holdings // June 11, 2021
Patent practice is an area of the law in which tradition is commonly relied upon. For example, “comprising” has been established in patent law, and is recognized by courts, as being an open-ended transitional term (i.e., similar to “including”) in claim language, whereas its dictionary definitions include definitions that indicate that it may be closed-ended. Read more

Panitch Schwarze Partner Reappointed as Member of The AIPPI Standing Committee // March 22, 2021
IP Attorney Jeffrey Gluck will continue serving as member of the AIPPI standing committee on standards and patents. Read more

Panitch Schwarze Partner to Co-Chair New AIPLA Sub-Committee // December 3, 2020
IP Attorney Jeffrey Gluck will co-chair a new sub-committee on emerging technologies policy Read more

Panitch Schwarze Partner Jeffrey W. Gluck, Ph.D. Presents at Princeton University // September 15, 2020
IP and technology lawyer participates on panel for alma mater’s ‘Confronting Racism’ series Read more

Oracle v. Google: Overview and Implications // October 30, 2019
Dr. Jeffrey Gluck will be discussing an overview and implications ofr the Oracle v. Google case.  Read more

Panitch Schwarze Attorney Presents at AIPLA Mid-Winter Meeting // February 7, 2019
Panitch Schwarze partner Dr. Jeffrey W. Gluck recently participated in a presentation entitled “Oracle v. Google – Getting More (or Less) Than You Licensed” during the 2019 Mid-Winter meeting of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) in Tampa, Florida. Read more

Oracle v. Google – Update // January 29, 2019
Oracle America, Inc. v. Google LLC is a series of related intellectual property law cases making its way through the courts for almost a decade, with the latest decision issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in the spring of 2018, and discussed in our previous article published on June 14, 2018. On Thursday, January 24, 2019, Google filed a petition for certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court.  Read more

Panitch Schwarze Attorney Co-Authors AIPPI Report // August 22, 2018
Dr. Jeffrey W. Gluck co-wrote a report that examines ways that standards organizations and patent and trademark offices around the world can collaborate to share information Read more

Oracle v. Google // June 14, 2018
Oracle America, Inc. v. Google LLC has been dubbed “the World Series of IP cases” by one of the presiding judges. Others have referred to the dispute as the case that never ends. The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC), ruled in favor of Oracle earlier this spring, opining that Google had violated Oracle’s copyrights. Read more

Ethical Duties in Data Privacy // May 31, 2018
Dr. Gluck will discuss the ethical duties in data privacy. Read more

Panitch Schwarze Attorney Reappointed to International Patent Committee // April 20, 2018
Panitch Schwarze partner Dr. Jeffrey W. Gluck has been reappointed to AIPPI’s Standing Committee on Standards and Patents. Gluck recently completed a three-year term on the committee and will now continue his service into 2021. Read more

Panitch Schwarze Attorney Speaks at IP Law Symposium // April 5, 2018
Intellectual property lawyer participates in annual Penn Intellectual Property Group event at University of Pennsylvania Law School Read more

Overview Of Reissue Practice // October 18, 2017
Mr. Gluck will discuss and provide useful tips regarding an Overview Of Reissue Practice. Read more

Panitch Schwarze Attorney Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award // June 8, 2017
Intellectual property lawyer given Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award Read more

Partner Jeffrey W. Gluck Attends AIPPI World Congress // September 16, 2016
Panitch Schwarze intellectual property attorney attends 2016 AIPPI World Congress in Milan, Italy. Read more

Panitch Schwarze Welcomes New IP Partner Jeffrey Gluck // July 10, 2014
Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP is pleased to announce the arrival of the firm’s newest Partner, Dr. Jeffrey W. Gluck.  Read more

Laxpati, M.A., and J.W. Gluck. "Optimization of a Hybrid SFH/DS MFSK Link in the Presence of Worst Case Multitone jamming." IEEE Transactions on Communications // June 1, 1995

Gluck, J.W., and T. Trandai. "Spread-Spectrum Group Access Disciplines for Multi-Access Broadcast Channels." Proceedings of the 1994 Conference on Information Sciences and Systems // March 1, 1994

Logsdon, J.B., and J.W. Gluck. "Fixed Utilization Perturbation Analysis," Proceedings of the 30th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control // December 1, 1991

Logsdon, J.B., and J.W. Gluck. "A General Approach to Perturbation Generation." Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems // March 1, 1991

Gluck, J.W. "Spread-Spectrum Group Access: Fundamentals and Preliminary Results." Conference on Information Sciences and Systems // January 1, 1989

Gluck, J.W. "Accurate Evaluation of Spreading Code Protocols for Packet Radio Networks." IEEE International Conference on Systems Engineering // January 1, 1989

Gluck, J.W. "Throughput and Packet Error Probability for Cellular Frequency Hopped Spread-Spectrum Radio Networks." IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, SAC-7.1 (1989):148 // January 1, 1989

Geraniotis, E.A., and J.W. Gluck. "Coded FH/SS Communications in the Presence of Combined Partial-Band Noise Jamming, Rician Nonselective Fading, and Multiuser Interference." IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, SAC5.2 (1987): 19 // January 1, 1987

Honors & Awards

  • Named a  Washington, D.C. "Super Lawyer," 2014, by Thomson Reuters, publishers of Washington, D.C. Super Lawyers
  • Named a  Washington, D.C. "Rising Star," 2013, by Thomson Reuters, publishers of Washington, D.C. Super Lawyers
  • Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award




Jeffrey W. Gluck, Ph.D.
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June 7, 2021
Oracle v. Google: The Never-Ending Case Finally Ends
An intellectual property dispute between Oracle and Google that began over a decade ago, has finally reached its conclusion, in a Supreme Court decision rendered on April 5, 2021. Read more

July 29, 2020
Mark My Words! – Heed Patent Marking Requirements
Congratulations! You’ve just been awarded a patent on your invention, which you are now manufacturing or otherwise using. You want to be certain that you will be able to enforce your patent and to collect any damages to which you are entitled, should someone infringe it. Now what? Read more

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