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What CAN’T be a Trademark?

By Bridget H. Labutta, Esq. A trademark can be any distinctive word (real or coined), phrase, slogan, logo, or any combination of these things, that identifies you as the source of your goods or services. It also could be simply numbers or…

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Overview of America Invents Act

Founding partner Clark A. Jablon presented an “Overview of America Invents Act” for the Intellectual Property Committee of Philadelphia Association of Paralegals on April 22, 2013 in Philadelphia. 

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A Primer on Establishing an Effective Patent Program

Preparing, filing, and prosecuting patent applications to obtain new patents (also referred to as “patent procurement”) is expensive, and about 95% of patents never even become valuable enough to recoup their procurement costs. This column is the fourth in a…

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How to Patent Inventions on a Tight Corporate Budget

Most corporate legal departments are now being asked to do “more with less.” This is a reverse of previous trends, in which corporate legal budgets grew faster than inflation and far faster than the percentage increase in company revenue. Much…

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