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Information Display Magazine

Panitch Schwarze founding partner Clark A. Jablon authored “Is the Sky Falling in the US Patent Industry” for the Marketplace section of Information Display Magazine. Information Display is the official magazine of the Society for Information Display, and since 1964 it has been the premier educational source for anyone who designs, makes, sells, buys, or integrates displays. Jablon’s article is available in print and on the Wiley Online Library.

Exploring the Leahy‐Smith America Invents Act’s (AIA) Jablon discusses the major effects on the patent industry from the perspective of patent owners and accused patent infringers. He also delves into the major changes that have occurred in the patent industry as a result of case law since the AIA went into effect.

Jablon highlights that in view of the exploding innovation and R&D spending of the display industry—and the laundry list of conventional reasons for procuring patents that are mostly unaffected by the negative trends in the US—there does not appear to be any compelling reason for the display industry to abandon the patent process for protecting their inventions.

Read the full article Wiley Online Library.

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