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Date: June 8, 2023

Details: Panitch Schwarze partner Travis W. Bliss, Ph.D. will discuss basic patent principles during two webinars presented by the CIOPORA Academy. The presentations, titled “The Basic Principles of Patents” and “Different types of plant variety protection in the U.S.,” are part of First Learners’ Webinars 2023, a series of programming designed to provide information about IP for plants to horticulturalists with basic previous knowledge.

Bliss will provide an overview of the function of patents and how they can benefit horticulturalists in the United States. The presentation will focus on key intellectual property considerations for plant breeders looking to protect against infringement of their work.

Bliss largely focuses his practice on securing, licensing, monetizing, challenging, and enforcing intellectual property rights, including U.S. plant patents, utility patents, plant variety protection (PVP) certificates, and trademarks, for novel plant varieties. He works with each of his clients in the horticulture industry to help them formulate an effective IP strategy for their particular situation, including helping the client identify the IP rights they should secure and assisting them in creating an effective licensing regime.

CIOPORA is a community of breeders of asexually reproduced horticultural plants. It is globally accepted as an independent non-profit and non-governmental organization seeking to establish effective IP protection systems for horticulture. The CIOPORA Academy is an education program on intellectual property protection for plant innovations. The organization hosts a variety of workshops and webinars for horticulture professionals.

Click here to register for the CIOPORA Academy’s First Learners’ Webinars “The Basic Principles of Patents” and “Different types of plant variety protection in the U.S.”

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