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Copyrights apply to a broad range of creative or intellectual works, including books, software, e-commerce, music, art work and product catalogs. Developing a comprehensive strategy on a timely basis is key. Our attorneys are adept at counseling clients on the registration, licensing, policing, and enforcement of copyrights. Regionally and nationally, clients rely on the legal expertise of our attorneys to ensure that their creative and intellectual works are properly protected. We understand […] Read more

IP Litigation

See John’s entire interview for the Masters of IP Law series on Litigation serves as an important legal tool and at Panitch Schwarze, we focus specifically on intellectual property litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Our attorneys are widely respected for their […] Read more

IP Protection

See Martin’s entire interview for the Masters of IP Law series on Focused on matters solely involving intellectual property, our firm protects and enforces your company’s most valued intellectual property assets. We have a highly specialized team of advocates that provide […] Read more


In an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing technological world, licenses represent an important method for protecting intellectual property rights and guarding against possible infringement claims. Although the transfer of technology presents an abundance of opportunities, it also creates the potential for possible legal problems such as infringement. Whether the matter at hand involves copying software or the use of a patented invention, our attorneys possess the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary […] Read more


With the rapid advancement of new technologies in virtually all areas of science, patents continue to be one of the most important ways to protect intellectual property rights. Our attorneys recognize this and rely on their wealth of experience and knowledge to successfully guide clients through the patent process. Widely recognized as leaders in the field of intellectual property law, our attorneys are adept at handling all aspects of the […] Read more

Trade Secrets

Trade secret protection can serve as a valuable way to protect certain intellectual property rights. Trade secret protection can last indefinitely, and thus, trade secrets can offer an advantage over patent protection, which only lasts for a specifically limited period of time. However, through methods such as reverse engineering, trade secrets can also be lost. Our attorneys understand these complexities and rely on their experience and skill to tailor legal […] Read more


Establishing and protecting trademark rights is a key component of our intellectual property practice. Our attorneys obtain a comprehensive understanding of the clients’ business and marketing strategies to ensure that trademarks are both protected against unauthorized use and exploited in a manner that gives our clients assurance that no rights are being violated. We provide U.S. and global strategies for trademark protection. Whether counseling small or large businesses, our attorneys have […] Read more

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