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Panitch Schwarze Partner Stephen E. Murray is featured in The Legal Intelligencer.

Innovative New 2021 Marketing Programs at US Law Firms by Stacy West Clark focuses on what law firms and individual lawyers are doing to increase profits and enhance relationships with clients.

Stephen created a video series titled Idea Defense 101 hosted by his alter ego Dr. IP. He has written, directed and produced the video series and it can be found on the social media platforms LinkedIn, YouTube and Tik Tok. The videos explain with comedy and lightness such educational concepts as trademark registration, rights patent owners have and patent markings. This campaign helps Stephen  communicate his personal brand and demonstrate his knowledge of IP law while making these concepts approachable for potential and current clients.

For the full article, click on the link, Innovative New 2021 Marketing Programs at US Law Firms. [Subscription Required] or watch Dr. IP here:

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