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Trademark & Copyright Procurement

Team for Trademark & Copyright Procurement:


Your brand name is often the first thing seen by customers. It is how they find you in the market. It is your trademark, and it can make a profound impression – one of quality, goodwill, and trust. So, the selection of your brand name is an important business decision, as is the protection of that name as a trademark.

Our trademark attorneys routinely assist clients with the selection of brand names, logos, and slogans. Through the trademark search process, we help clients avoid conflicts with existing trademarks. Searching before adoption of a trademark can save a substantial amount of money moving forward. Then, after the selection and adoption process, we help clients protect their trademarks by applying for registration at home and internationally, maintaining those registrations, and by taking appropriate steps to enforce trademark rights against infringers.


Original marketing literature, website content, product instructions, promotional videos all involve hard work and investment. Yet these original and creative works are easy for unscrupulous competitors to copy for their own purposes – particularly using modern computerized tools. That is why so many businesses choose to protect their original works under copyright law.

The copyright team at Panitch Schwarze regularly assists clients with the registering of their original and creative works for copyright protection. We also help clients enforce their copyrights against infringers. Of course, one approach is never good for all businesses.  Our team has the skills and experience necessary to tailor a trademark and copyright strategy appropriate to your short- and long-term business needs. And we work collaboratively with our patent colleagues to ensure that every client is provided with a thorough and well-rounded IP protection strategy across the board.

Let's Plan

Panitch Schwarze commits the time to listen to and evaluate each client’s unique needs so we can advise on the best forms of IP protection.