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Electronic Components

Nearly everything we touch is plugged into a wall, runs on a battery, or otherwise has some component running on electrical power. The team at Panitch Schwarze has knowledge and experience to navigate the subtleties of intellectual property tied to electronic components and has a real understanding of electronic components industry and related fields, including the specific areas of:

  • Semiconductor Processing & Semiconductor Elements
  • Electrical Circuits & Wiring
  • Controllers & Memory
  • Optics & Optical Components

Three key goals often define electronics advancement: smaller, higher efficiency, and faster production. Improvements in the solid-state field are key drivers in successfully competing in the world of electronics. These range from better techniques in processing the raw semiconductor materials (e.g., etching, doping, bonding) to improved layouts of semiconductor components (e.g., transistors or photodetectors), to device integration. The same can be true of higher-level components – improved electrical circuit layouts and configurations and processing logic can vastly improve not only the operation of devices like computers and smartphones, but also appliances, equipment, and other devices relying on electronics to function.  Finally, optics plays a major role as well. Smartphone cameras require precisely tuned lenses; video transmission can require fiber optic cables; optical disc drives require lasers. And besides these well-known optical elements, the interplay of light and semiconductor material is critical to imaging devices, solar panels, and distance measurement.   

The team at Panitch Schwarze understand the issues facing this industry and we have knowledge and experience at protecting and enforcing intellectual property in electronics at all levels, from the basic building blocks of individual circuit elements through complex, completed devices. We regularly prepare, prosecute, and secure patents for our clients in this field both in the United States and, with the help of our extensive network of foreign law firms, internationally. We also conduct freedom to operate analyses to assist our clients in bringing new products and techniques to market with peace of mind. We assist with drafting agreements and developing licensing programs that are necessary to keep sales moving, and, when necessary, we have extensive experience in litigating patent rights both in court and before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.    

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