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Panitch Schwarze Partner Dr. Travis W. Bliss and Patent Agent Dr. Stephany G. Small to Present American Hort Webinar

This webinar is being rescheduled and we will update the event listing as soon as registration information becomes available. If you are interested in recieving a personal alert, please email or call 888-291-5676. 

Details: Panitch Schwarze’s Travis W. Bliss, Ph.D. and Stephany G. Small, Ph.D. will present an American Hort Webinar on “Three Options for Protecting Your New Plant Cultivar – Which Are Best for You?”.

Over the past two years, breeders of asexually reproduced plant varieties have gone from essentially a single option for protecting their novel varieties to three options: plant patents, utility patents, and plant variety protection (PVP) certificates. Bliss and Small will explore each of these types of protection, the advantages, and disadvantages of each, and when one might want to select one over the other. They will also discuss how one can use multiple types of intellectual property protection to “build a stronger fence” around your novel varieties.

Attendees can expect to learn:

  • Basics of plant patents, utility patents, and PVP protection, including how to obtain them, what they can be used to protect, and the scope/strength of protection they provide
  • The pros and cons of each form of protection
  • How to use multiple forms of IP protection to build a stronger IP fence around your novel plant variety

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