Patent Docketing Coordinator



The Patent Docketing Coordinator provides essential and specialized client and attorney support relating to the docketing and deadline maintenance of all phases of domestic and foreign patent prosecutions, from pre-filing to final maintenance of issued patents. This position requires current familiarity with docketing software and IP docketing best practices.



  • Coordinate the implementation and execution of docketing procedures in consultation with the Patent Practice Coordinator and IP attorneys
  • Assist in daily quality assurance review for patent filings
  • Docket new patent matter filings, incoming office actions, and correspondence from the PTO, PCT, and Foreign Associates, as needed
  • Run customized dockets reports for trademark and patent cases on a daily basis and other specified intervals
  • Coordinate the timely opening of new client matters in our docketing systems
  • Review and clear U.S. and international patent dockets on a daily basis
  • Advise attorneys of issues relevant to clearing the docket, and de-docket actions as needed
  • Assist in quality assurance review for patent filings by noting and referring any errors or omissions observed during the normal course of docketing duties
  • Prepare docket status reports for clients and lawyers as needed
  • Prepare renewal fees, maintenance fees, and property reports to attorneys and clients as needed
  • Maintain and update foreign and U.S. patent prosecutions in our docket systems to track deadlines associated with obtaining and maintaining foreign and domestic patents
  • Assist in checking and updating the status of patent cases with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, third party web sites, and foreign patent office’s when appropriate
  • Perform electronic interactions with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as foreign and international intellectual property entities (e.g. searches, status checks, electronic filings)
  • Attend to the maintenance, reporting and payments of foreign renewals



  • 5+ years of patent docketing experience preferred
  • Knowledge of U.S. and foreign patent prosecution procedures, especially statutory and filing deadlines
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Proficiency in industry standard docketing software products, preferably CPI
  • Intermediate or Advanced Microsoft Office Suite
  • Excellent organizational skills and high attention to detail 



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